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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with our tariff.

At Inflight Express, Inc. we are equipped to provide exclusive expedited transportation using our vast range of vehicles which include cargo vans, 12/14 ft. box cubes, and 22/24 ft. straight trucks.


The following tabulates basic charges for cargo vans calculated from, O'HARE AIRPORT 60666 to Chicagoland areas. Regular van rates apply from Monday 05:00 through Friday Midnight. Saturday and Sunday rates are 1.5x and 2.0x respectively.

There is no weight charge up to 75 lbs. Any weight over 75 lbs. is charged $0.03 per pound. On weekends and holidays no surcharge is applied on the weight.


Most deliveries within 75 miles of base, O'HARE AIRPORT, are listed. For locations not listed, charges will be calculated as follows:


Straight Trucks

Charges Per Mile

1.40 per mile
1.80 per mile
2.15 per mile

The surcharge for Saturday and Sunday long distance delivery is 15% and 20% respectively.

There are no weight charges for deliveries over 100 miles.

Additional Charges

We strive to avoid additional charges but when it is inevitable, they will be calculated as follows. We will always notify you when such charges are incurred.

  • Waiting Time
    First 1/2 hour is free. Thereafter waiting charges accrue at $24 per hour for cargo vans, $34 per hour for cubes and straight trucks.
  • Undelivered Freight
    If we are unable to deliver freight and it has to be returned to your warehouse, you will be charged for the delivery plus half the return trip.
  • Inside/Residential Deliveries
    All inside or residential deliveries, including pick-ups will be charged a minimum of $10 plue time taken over 30 minutes.
  • Add Stops
    Occasionally you may require us to pick up or drop off paper work, such stops will be charged on a quote basis.
All other services such as second driver, lumper, air ride, lift gate, etc. will be quoted and charged as needed.

Based on volume of business, promptness in paying invoices, Inflight Express will extend discounted rates.

Call 630-521-0580 for a quote.