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Expedited Service

In the transportation world, expedited service is the youngest industry, which has evolved within the past twenty years because of the need by manufacturing companies for Just in Time stock deliveries due to Zero Inventory.

In the pre-expedited days, all stock items moved via Rail, Air, or Tractor Trailers that operate on set schedules and are inflexible to meet the demands for deliveries on demand. Popularly referred to as "Hot Shots", expedited cargo delivery is a growing transportation niche that is like an ambulance for freight. Hot Shots are non-stop deliveries with a vehicle from pick-up to destination. Depending upon the distance that needs to be covered, one person or team will drive the vehicle loaded with cargo.

Many businesses needs today are changing and companies are streamlining their manufacturing and product distribution cycles.

At Inflight Express, Inc., we specialize in the movement of time sensitive and emergency freight. We strive to have your shipment there on time, all the time. Our equipment ranges in size from minivans through to 26 foot straight trucks.

When you call us, we arrange for an exclusive use vehicle to pick up and deliver your freight non-stop, door-to-door. We do not combine or marry your freight with any other customer. This ensures the fastest, most secure transport.

Each load is assigned a computer generated ticket number at the time of dispatch. This allows customers to track the shipment at any time.